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When I began Using Peroxide.

(This was the first email I sent out to most of you. Created in January 2007)

I know this seems like a lot of reading, but trust me you will want to know all you can. I have miles and miles and miles more of research on this. I gave the ones that stood out the most to me and would be most helpful for you. Please do more research on your own to be confident you want to try this. Then again I think I have done enough research for the both of us. Plus, there is a file about diet, just in case you still may need info on what may trigger an OB other than false sugar (aspartame aka splenda, diet cokes).

Oh yeah, unfortunately, I didn't get a respond from msalem yet. Although I am greatful he posted his miracle. It still gives me a great deal of hope. I believe he used blood oxygenation. Where they take a pint of your blood and purify it and put it back in you. Depending on how advance a virus is in a person, you would have to repeat this process a number of times in order to purify all the blood in your body to kill off any viruses.

There are a few files I want to bring to your attention. Files titled "The Many Benefits..." is 2 different copies of the same research. One format maybe easier to read than the other. And this file, in particular, contains an easy to use guide on how to use 35% Food Grade Peroxide at home which I am currently using now. Plus the files beginning with "Update Jan..." These are files on how this treatment is going so far for me. Then lastly, the file titled "My Personal 3 month..." is the details of how I use all of this together with DMSO.

Also, if you decide to find someone that specializes in oxygen therapy, remember this is an alternative treatment and by law they can't say it is a cure even if you get cured. Don't be discouraged if you read somewhere that even if it doesn't show up on the new 99.9% herpes select elisa test you still have herpes. Everyone with common since knows you can't pass what you don't have. AND DAMN IT IF THE MOST ADVANCE TEST TODAY SAYS YOU ARE NEGATIVE THEN YOU ARE CURED. CASE CLOSED!!! Now you must think long term with this kind of treatment because it is a virus all the way down to the celllular level. This takes time to heal just like a cancer victim, which 2 of my close friends and my granny has.

All I know, threw my research, is that anyone that is cured with cancer is linked to someone that has said they were cured of their herpes type 1 & 2. And they were all using ozone/oxygen therapy. The link I am giving on the bottom is about a guy who went to a cancer treatment center in Malaga, Spain. He posted his miracle February of 2006.

This following is a listing of hospitals and clinics that specialize in this alternative treatment of cancer.
A Cancer center in spain is so confident about there treatment in cancer that they give a money back guarantee. I think he went to Las Mariposas Clinic in Malaga, Spain. But there are few places in the US, Canada & Mexico that practice, but look to see if they were trained anywhere in Europe especially Germany.

Ever since my first going through 2nd, I took Ayclovir 3x a day for 10 days with 1 a day womens mutivitamin, a 500mg vitamin c chewable and a lysine vitamin once in the day and one before bed. It is best to take lysine on an empty stomach. After the 10 days I kept taking the multi vitamin, vitamin c, and lysine.. I stopped the lysine after a week. and just keep the multiivitamin and vitamin c once a day every morning religiously with distilled or atleast bottled water only if I run out distilled water. As victims of a virus we have to keep our immune systems up. Way way up. We have to work twice as hard and take more vitamins than everyone. So far I think the 500mg vitamin c and multi vitamin is enough so far.

I have also ground lysine into powder on reserve to keep in case I need to mix it with some peroxide to make a paste. I use regular cotton balls to apply it. In case I have another outbreak.I did this on first break and now on the second one. This will have a mild sting, no more than the pain we are going threw now. After this application it is followed by a warming sensation. This helps with the pain. I applied it everytime it got too painful to walk on my first OB.

Only use DISTILLED WATER, (No More Tap water) Mr. PUR is not even good enough. A gallon of distilled water is like .64 cents. I can't stress that enough. Plus when using DMSO (if you decide to try it), be very careful. This allows you to absorb medication threw the skin. But if used improperly or in an unclean environment you can absorb something toxic and that can and will make you very sick.

Right now, I have just recieved my gallon of 35% food grade peroxide from the "Garden of Eden" website. I bought the DMSO from the Jacoblab website. I should also share with you that I am not taking any priscription drugs at all right now. I did take Acyclovir during my first OB, but nothing since then. From doing all this reading on other peoples reaction to the mainstream drugs, I must say, I have a feeling that it may be making the condition worst, or stronger, the longer you take it. Which means your body maybe becoming immune to the antiviral medication. Kind of like a alcoholic that has a high tolerance, the virus maybe developing a tolerance against the meds you are taking, especially if your condition seems to be accelerating again after you have taken it for a while. I would suggest trying something new if this happening to you. One of the many definitions of INSANITY is to continue doing the same thing over and over and expecting change.

I can't stress this enough, -->Do more research. Make sure you know everything before you try something alternative. And if you can, to help others, document everything you do. Plus get a copy of your std test that says you are positive and if you feel you are negative after a few years of ZERO outbreak get another test. Just so you can know for a fact you are cured. Also, do not go to the same clinic where you got your original test. Go to a completely different testing facility that uses a lab that has never seen you or your name before. A lot of people don't realize that they can go to 2 different clinics or hospitals but they use the same lab with the same people that took your test the first time.

I live in Kentucky where I got my first test. And my granny who is a nurse says every clinic and hospital in this town uses the same lab for diagnosing people. So Tennessee is not too far I will go there for a second opinion. And after a year or 2 of being OB free will get a third test somewhere else.

I must admit I am a little nervous about trying this. Im scared of the detoxification process. You will go threw a war zone in the beginning of this home treatment. I could go threw severe nausea, sweating, acne, coughing up mucous, diahrea etc... All the things your body does to get any type of illness out of your body, but all at once and unfortunately a little bit worst. This also includes going threw a severe outbreak. But that is because it knows you are in the process of killing it. So I know all the pros and cons including the bad taste. I will notify you guys as soon as I start my first day. I plan on getting a second blood test as a second opinion, before starting this treatment. So wish me luck.

Your body is your home. You have to live their. Fight like hell to protect it, and kick out all unwanted guest, invaders, and party crashers. God gave us all our own special temple. Take care of it.

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